Red Handed

Hidden behind a bush, I was contemplating the scene as it was happening. The prince and the princess were talking and smiling to each other. This was a golden opportunity. I took my bow and arrow, studying my shot. The prince was leaving. He bid her farewell, mounted his horse and went his way. But she…she was watching him go. I pulled the string; the arrow was ready to draw its trajectory to her heart; to pierce it. Like the whisper of the wind, she made a sharp quick move. Damn! She knew I was watching her. She glared in my direction, made angry steps and stood right in front of my hideout. She thrust her hand through the bush, grabbed my arrow and took it away. I stepped out and revealed myself. Silently, I watched her pressing my arrow against her tight and breaking it into two halves. She brought her face closer than appropriate to mine and stared at me right through the eyes. I froze. A beautiful creature she was. But her boldness was scary.

“If I am to fall in love, it will certainly not be because of your stupid arrows.”

“Guards!” she called. 7 well-built bodies took hold of me, divested me of my arrows and pushed me down to my knees.

“What a tyrant you are! It is not too late to find a decent job for yourself.”

“I can’t! This is my job! I am Cupid, and this is what I have always been doing; making people fall in love.”

“Hiding and shooting arrows into people’s hearts! what a stupid job! What a miserable life! It is time for people to start taking their own responsibilities for when and whom they fall in love with. I am sure they will do a better job than you do anyways!” She grinned.

That was insulting. I, the famous cupid, was being humiliated in such a manner.

“And so you think you can do a better job, managing your love affairs on your own!”

“Oh yes! Being struck by love, nevermore! No more Romeo and Juliet tragedies, no more unrequited love and friend zoning! The world will be relieved of your services. Humans will control their feelings and only create love when they are willing to.”

I held my head high and smirked. “You believe so! It will only be a matter of time before you learn your lesson. You shall see, princess! You shall see!”

“I-will, teach you the lesson, dear Cupid. Just watch and YOU-shall see.” There I was, on my knees intimidated and defied by this overly confident young lady. It was scary to me, to think of what the world would do without me. But I had to wait and see.

By : Snow White


How to Improve Your Taste in Music

If we were to adopt the music-is-subjective logic, which is, to a large extent, true, then wouldn’t that mean that taste is worthless? Or that it doesn’t even exist? That seems to make sense. But, consider this: if I wanted to ask about the latest and greatest in say… Rap-Music, and I had the choice – and this is very hypothetical – between one of my friends, who happens to listen to rap, and Questlove, who do you think I’m gonna ask? I don’t think I need to answer that.

They both listen to music, so technically they both have taste. The difference is Quest knows the history of music pretty much inside out. My friend doesn’t Continue reading

I Adopted a Stray Puppy!

Stray_dogs_crosswalk.jpg (3735×2520)

I have never understood the stigma going on around stray dogs and stray animals in general. This is particularly an issue in developing countries like Morocco, there are dogs and cats EVERYWHERE, dirty and hungry, being mistreated and starved, it is just heart-breaking. Those dogs and cats are thought of as less worthy than the ones typically adopted (bought, actually) or “breed” pets, but what is the difference, really? Continue reading

Moroccan Urban Legends


Tassardount N’issamdal (Cemetary Mule):

This story is popular in the Southern region of Morocco, the Sous region. It is an ancient Amazigh legend, and it goes like this, there is a female demon who lives in cemeteries. The demon appears as a mule who wanders about cemeteries at night. Some even reported that when an unknowing person sees the mule-demon and tries to mount her, she takes them to the cemetery and begins to dig their grave… Wow! I’m getting goosebumps.

According to certain variations, Continue reading

Toubkal (Info and Tips)

Toubkal is not just a beautiful mountain, but the highest mountain in the High Atlas, at At 4,167 metres (13,671 ft), it is the highest peak in all of North Africa. It is located in the southwest of Morocco, at 63 km south of Marrakech, it is very popular to climbers and visitors. Anyone visiting Morocco, and most particularly around Marrakech, absolutely has to stop at the region and visit the Toubkal peak. My friends went there last April, and although they weren’t ready in terms of time and resource management, they said only good things about their trip. So for anyone who wants to visit the Toubkal peak, you might want to pay attention to these few simple tips before packing your bags: Continue reading

Complimenting, Why Is It so Weird?

I compliment people when I like something about them… I often get criticized for this but I still do it whenever I can. I compliment when it’s true. Most people who criticize it never compliment anyone because they’re afraid of sounding “weak” or “ridiculous”, it’s just their weakness that keeps them from reaching out, out of fear of rejection.

I get it, there are plenty of situations where giving compliments feels awkward to the giver and the receiver of the compliment, but which shouldn’t. Like when Continue reading

Writing more

 Good morning, afternoon, evening, world.   

I don’t know what to write. I started a blog because thoughts are constantly flowing in my mind, and I’m the type to want to organize and express those thoughts. So I should be writing a lot, not to lose those thoughts or not to get them all stacked up in an ugly confused mess. But I don’t.

One of the reasons why is that I became the laziest person on earth. I don’t even draw anymore. Although as a kid/teenager, everywhere I went, I was known to be “The artist“. Now I look at myself in the mirror anymore. What a shame!   I’m a traitor to my own creative self.

Also, I feel some kinda struggle inside, I imagine two people fighting. One is my creative self, and the other is some lazy, comfy person that I hate, that constantly shakes in fear of everything new, honest, risky, unknown. I don’t know how I became this comfort-zone-bound, but sometimes I win that lazy person over, do something creative, and then I feel that creative spark again. Sometimes very stupid, irrational fears take over us and paralyze us. It could be a fear of something new, a fear of taking a risk or of moving away from family and friends. But that fear is actually very good, it’s a sign that I will learn and benefit from whatever step I am about to take.

Sometimes I am even afraid to click “new post” and start typing… Just because I know I will always end up ranting about something sensitive (like periods) and maybe upsetting a few authority figures. So, maybe that fear is good and I SHOULD go ahead and tackle those issues? 

But you know what they say… (Well, okay, what I say.) things only become concrete when you voice them or take action, or (in this case) write them. If this is my official/personal blog, and if I promise myself stuff in here, I think it will always remind me to keep the promise.     

And so, I promise myself to write more and draw more. Alright, I think this will do.

Peace out!

What NOT to Do When Visiting Morocco

The world is a fascinating thing, there are these different pieces of somehow separated land, and every one of these pieces of land has its particular traits, which also makes the beauty of it. It’s a really weird thing when you think of it like that.

… and we all know that sometimes it can be hard when you’ve just landed somewhere you don’t know anything about, the cultures can be so different that the mere basics of communication are sometimes compromised by these little differences. Even sometimes, Continue reading

Moroccan Fantasia


Having lived most my life in (more or less) big cities of Morocco, I haven’t really had the chance to experience the traditional ways of life that are proper to the smaller cities and the country side. However, I did have the chance to attend one or two Fantasia shows during summer camp excursions when I was younger, and I was absolutely awestruck, I’ll tell you why… Continue reading

Sexy Expectations VS Reality

There is so much difference between how people are taught to behave in order to be “sexy” and what actually turns people on. For girls for example, I’ve had so many friends tell me that even a girl in her pajamas with her hair everywhere can look sexy, It’s not so much about the make up and the lingerie, it’s more of a mindset and the attitude of that girl.  Continue reading

Fighting the Fight between Girls and Boys

Sans titre


I don’t understand why, JUST WHY in written tutorials, videos or anything about make up or fashion, the speaker always addresses women!  Why? Why just women? 

See this is exactly why men always feel like they don’t belong in the “feminine” world, not because it’s for people with vaginas only and that identify as “female”, hell no! It’s because women constantly exclude them from it by only addressing women as if men should absolutely never participate or even just watch.

Continue reading

Facts About the Moroccan Kaftan

A Kaftan, as I’ve always known it, is a fabulous traditional wear that ladies and girls like to rock on special occasions, weddings and such.


It is a long, bell-bottomed, round, square or v necked dress. Sometimes embroidered and embellished with ornaments, especially on the front.


It can be worn with or without a belt, depending on the occasion. The belts “Mdamma” are usually large, made of carton and matching fabric, tied at the back and decorated with precious stones or embroidery.

Ceinture-caftan-hautegamme Continue reading

Your Day

You can do it all, you can have it all. Just never EVER, under any circumstance WHATSOEVER not even for a second, stop believing in yourself! It’s already bad enough that those around you don’t always support you and believe in you. Hold it down, stick up for yourself and NEVER GIVE UP!

Remember, everyday is your freaking day. So, no matter how bad you’re feeling, get up, force one of those stunning smiles of yours, and get s***t done! OWN THAT LIFE LIKE YOU ALWAYS DO!

Happy International Women’s Day, ladies!